Friday, July 31, 2009

A Gluten-Free Girl's Dream

Good morning and happy Friday! Today is the day... a day to celebrate. A day to celebrate you!

In accordance to the celebration of the end of the work-week, the hubby decided to take me out to pizza, since it is my favorite. Typically, a gluten-free girl wouldn't be able to walk down the street to the local pizza shop and grab some gluten-free, and absolutely delicious, pizza... but we are lucky enough to have a Willow Street Pizza right down the way! Willow Street Pizza has an entire gluten-free menu with a few pizza selections, pasta selections, soup and salads. We ended up ordering a GF Cheese Pizza and a side of Romaine Gorgonzola salad. The pizza was deliciously garlicky and cheesy, with a wonderful added crunch to the crust.

We sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather and our yummy wood fired pizza, thinking about how lucky we are to have this place right down the street from us. What a find!


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